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Private Coaching

coaching is how you 
Optimize Your Potential
What if you were right all along? What if you are meant for more in this life?

What if you could redefine your identity, hit those massive scary goals, and have a blast every step of the way?

Here’s the deal…

You have unlimited potential inside you. We all do. 

Coaching has the power to unlock your greatest self.

You’ll stop second-guessing what you think you should do. And you’ll go do it.

You’ll start living your biggest, boldest life. And there’s no holding you back.

I know because coaching made that happen for me. It made that happen for thousands of people around the world.

And it will make that happen for you. No question.

Designed with you in mind.
3 Simple Steps
Get Clear
Understand & Identify Blockers
Find out what's standing between you and your goals.
Apply the Strategy and Plan
Use the five tactics to reduce friction and navigate obstacles.

Optimize Your Life
Unlock your full potential with a performance mindset.
Performance Mindset Coaching for YOU
for busy professionals who want more growth and energy without complicated systems or tools


Boost Your Performance

with proven strategies that are easily applied at work and in your life


Improve Your Wellbeing

and discover new perspectives to reach your full potential


Enhance Your Relationships

through positive intelligence, trust, and accountability


Review the options below. Consider your timeframe, commitment, and the results you want to achieve.

      • You can book a free 50-minute strategy session. This is an obligation-free opportunity to connect with me. We'll talk about your situation and what you'd like to get out of coaching. Please feel free to ask me any questions. The goal is to help you navigate the coaching decision for yourself.
      • If you are a YES after our call, you will be invoiced before starting your program. We can talk about payment plan options if you need them.
Let’s create the life you are destined to live!
Coaching Package

$ 3,000 
  • 1 x 50-minute phone Strategy Session to explore what’s possible for you with Coaching

  • 6 x private 50 min online sessions

  • 6-week Positive Intelligence online program (Valued at US$995)

  • Ongoing email / text support
Coaching Package

$ 5,500
  • 1 x 50-minute phone Strategy Session to explore what’s possible for you with Coaching

  • 12 x private 50 min online sessions

  • 6-week Positive Intelligence online program (Valued at US$995)

  • Ongoing email / text support
Coaching Package

$ 10,000
  • 1 x 50-minute phone Strategy Session to explore what’s possible for you with Coaching

  • 24 x private 50 min online sessions

  • 6-week Positive Intelligence online program (Valued at US$995)

  • Ongoing email / text support
Who is this for?
It’s for Everyone — Really
No matter your age or stage; your occupation or role, this applies to everyone. 
This applies if you are in sales, service, marketing, or the buy side.
Responsible for operations, enablement, or logistics? This applies to you too.
Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, co-founder, CxO, leader of leaders, leader of people, frontline worker… doesn’t matter. Stay-at-home parent, retired, yup, you too…

This is NOT for you if you are looking for a:
— hack
— shortcut
— quick-fix
It’s NOT for you if you don’t want to do the work.
It’s NOT for you if you don’t have a bias for action.
It’s NOT for you if you don’t want to be held accountable.
AND this is definitely NOT for you if you don’t want results.

How can I apply this and how does it help me?
Limitless Applications 
For You — Transform Your Life
For Your Team — Transform Your Work
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Better teams
  • Better Parenting
  • Better Relationships
  • Better Wellness Health & Sleep
  • Better Performance
  • Energy Optimization
  • Impact Optimization
  • Productivity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Happiness
  • Better Decision Making
  • Sage Mindset for DEI&B
  • Change Management
  • Coaching Others
  • Equanimity
What are coaching sessions like?
Each session is a collaborative process to empower you to make decisive, informed choices. You can expect a safe, confidential space to discuss your goals, challenges, and progress.

In your following sessions (frequency and duration will depend on your program), I will be an unbiased partner, helping you answer questions that will guide you toward growth and success.
How long does a coaching engagement last?
Coaching is a process, and creating meaningful change takes time. So the answer depends on you and what results you want.

The shortest is 6 weeks. The typical engagement is three to six months and the average coaching relationship lasts one year.

A minimum period often makes sense because it creates and supports commitment to the process. Some last just a few sessions, and others last several years. 
How does pricing work?
Different programs are available to fit individual needs, including 1:1 coaching sessions, group coaching, and advisory services for teams and organizations. Several pricing options are available depending on the program or results you are looking to achieve. 

Individuals can expect to invest $1,000 to $6,000
Corporate Clients can expect to invest $10,000 to $100,000

If you want to explore your options, please schedule a 25-minute call.
What makes Results Lab coaching different?
I’m glad you asked!
We will work together as partners to achieve your goals FASTER:
We will FOCUS on your specific results.
We will be ACCOUNTABLE to each other.
We will keep it SIMPLE; seriously simple.
We will be TRANSPARENT with each other.
We will develop EQUANIMITY.
We will get you the RESULTS you want.
What is equanimity?
Equanimity refers to a state of mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain, calmness, or equilibrium.
It's the quality of being calm and even-tempered, maintaining a sense of inner peace and balance regardless of external circumstances. This term is often used in contexts involving stress management, mindfulness, and philosophical discussions about how to maintain a serene and balanced mindset amidst life's challenges.
What's the difference between mental health and mental fitness?
Mental health and mental fitness are related but distinct concepts. Mental health refers to a person's overall psychological and emotional well-being. It includes their ability to cope with stress, manage their emotions, and maintain healthy relationships. In the mental health field, qualified healthcare professionals focus on diagnosing and treating mental health conditions.
On the other hand, mental fitness refers to a person’s ability to use their cognitive and emotional resources to handle the challenges of daily life. It is similar to physical fitness, which is the ability to use one's physical resources to perform physical tasks. Mental fitness describes the ability to thrive and be resilient in the face of adversity.
Mental fitness coaches may help individuals or groups build and maintain mental strength and resilience but do not provide medical advice or services. Instead, mental fitness involves practices such as mindfulness, meditation, positive thinking, and self-reflection to help people improve their mental well-being.
How is coaching different from therapy?
Therapy (also known as psychotherapy or counseling) is similar to coaching in some ways. Both use evidence-based techniques and intentional dialogue as the primary tools for growth and discovery. Still, these services also have key differences: Coaching focuses primarily on the present and future, while therapy focuses on the past and present. Coaching is focused on personal growth and professional development, while therapy is designed to help you work through deeper issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma.

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