Oh, you probably want to know how we will work together. We will work together as partners to achieve your goals FASTER:

We will FOCUS on your specific results.

We will be ACCOUNTABLE to each other.

We will keep it SIMPLE; seriously simple.

We will be TRANSPARENT with each other.

We will develop EQUANIMITY.

We will get you the RESULTS you want. 💯


I’m a graduate of Temple University (Go Owls) with a BS in Exercise Physiology and Thomas Jefferson University School of Nursing with a BSN Degree - yup you read that right. 

I have sold enterprise software since 2000 as an individual contributor and sales leader. 

I've seen every sales methodology and process - that doesn't make me a know-it-all; rather, I am a learn-it-all. (ask me about my favorite)

I worked for some tech giants —Novell, TrendMicro, Microsoft, and IBM— and a few start-ups along the way. 

The last 10 years have been in the sales enablement and readiness space. With the likes of:
— SAVO (pre-seismic acquisition)
— Qstream (space-based reinforcement)
— Mindtickle (funny name, serious biz)
— most recently with Highspot

My 30+ years of experience have led me to launch Results Lab. 

I’ll save the why for a podcast.


You bet — I enjoy cooking, home projects, swimming, biking, wake surfing & snowboarding (although it’s been a minute), and pickleball! I love music — all genres. I've been challenging myself to write and post every weekday on LinkedIn feel free to lurk, connect or follow: Mike D’Angelo | LinkedIn


I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I stayed in state for college. After graduation, I got married. We had 2 kids. We got divorced—also known as unmarried—when the kids were in high school (freshman and senior). I remarried.

Happily married to Heather, an incredible pediatric occupational therapist who helps kiddos on the autism spectrum. Home is in the burbs of Philadelphia, PA (Eastern Time Zone)

Collectively, we have 6 really awesome humans.

The youngest is 17 (high school junior), 1 young adult on the spectrum living independently, and 4 college grads, one of whom is married. Everyone is employed! 😀

I guess we didn’t mess them up too much. 🤣

PS — There are a few things you should know…I’m a work in progress just like you. 

I make mistakes and misspell works… 😂 yes, that was on purpose.

⚠️ Sometimes, as in occasionally a lot, I use four-letter words… I also 💚 emojis, 3-letter acronyms (TLAs), alliteration, and abbreviations.

I’m good for some, but I’m not for everyone, and that’s ok. I totally get it if I’m not the right coach for you.

Thank you for learning more about me.

I look forward to learning about you.